Significance of “Epified Geo-Tourism

The Epified Geo-Tourism, this is a tourism innovation where Epified has something unique to offer, something which grasps your imagination, Epified offers a journey through a whole series of events in a sequence to make the richest visit for you. Even richer than routine educational tours.

Epified not only gives an experience of discovering hidden wonders and treasures of the world that are naturally occurring but at the same time inspire people to care about the planet and adding values through knowledge.

We devise engaging education tours that have been linked with covering everything from rocks, heritage, architecture, living things, food and their environment and inheritance, we are firm believers of learning from objects as earth, culture, heritage and their processes are far easier to understand when you engage with living things.

We use this objective approach to tell the fascinating stories of the evolution of earth and life with help paleontologists, geologists, and experts from different fields. By this unique approach, we also inspire next generation of scientists, philosophers, rational, experts and historians. This is the most special thing which you don’t get anywhere else.

The Geo-tourism is tourism that sustains or enhances the geological & geographical characters of a place — its environment, heritage, aesthetics, culture, arts, food, wildlife, landscape and the well-being of its residents. Epified believes that the culture, arts, archeology, architecture, food culture, mythology, tradition, rituals, history, and heritage develop and goes with the landscape and the geology of the area so does subsequently local civilization flourish. We make sure that the students must closely observe, learn and explore this evolution of civilization goes with the local geology and environment of the area.

A very unique and meaningful volume of the famous Geo-Scientific magazine “Element” was published in Feb 2016. Titled as “Earth Science for Cultural Heritage” which illustrate and scientifically analyze the significant role of geosciences in understanding cultural heritage, archaeological geophysics – virtual archaeology, synchrotron characterization of fossils, Art museum’s geochronology beyond radiocarbon So it’s really important for us to let the students experience and learn these hidden treasures of mother earth which have created and preserved through millions of years long processes, according to the subsurface lithology overlaying geology and environment. All these go hand in hand with bio-diversity, flora and fauna, human cultural, heritage and civilization so thus we can see a huge diversity in all form resulted by evolution and influenced by geology.

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